Which Is The Best Type Of Air Fryer On The Market?

Certainly, the process of grilling can be the biggest challenge of the housewife because oil or grease is often flown out on the stove, as well as surrounding materials. And it creates a lot of air stream in the baking process, and especially baking odors generated primarily for all individuals to consider.

As a result, how to update the air fryer review, particularly the Philips air fryer review, a well- known air fryer trademark on the market now is really meaningful with all the consumers.

The Brief Introduction About The HD- 9220 Air Fryer

Air fryer Philip HD 9220 is designed with two colors including blue and white. More specially, the air fryer can well operate without the oi requirement so it is really favorable choice for people to protect their health.

Usability And User Efficiency Of Philips HD9220 Fryer Without Oil:

Air fryer Philips HD-9220 is very good at helping you fry, and bake the special dishes fragrantly and deliciously. With the special fried or grilled features, the device can be able to keep the favor along with the great amount of nutrition in the food.

The secret  for the device’s operation is to take the fat from fried foods in order to grill it through the convection cooling fan in order to put spread panoramic slipped it in the pot, cooked food help without becoming or islands.

The Outstanding Characters Of The Air Fryer

Philips HD9220 air fryer is designed with the diving drawers stop which is mainly to help you bake or fry more food at the one time, or different types of food. Besides, the device also has installed with the time setting button for automatically switching of when the machine is completing its grilling task.

Finishing the baking process based on the flexible appointment time which is maximum at appropriately 30 minutes, so it is very easily adjustable. The bell system is also installed with the device for providing the urgent signals when the machine starts to run or complete its cooking task.

There is no need for the cook to directly sit next to the device for waiting the well- done food. Innovative design is really impressive; especially the handling is very cool when touching which is structured with the two main colors including black and white.

Why Is The HD 9220 So Attractive?

It is the technology which makes a difference between the “Philips air fryers” with other brands. With Rapid Air technology achievement, the product permits you to fry the most delicious types of food with less fat than 80% compared with conventional fryer air fryer.

In addition, with the great support of the Rapid Air technology, the device also creates less smell than conventional fryer, but still ensures crispness and the food delicious, the “fryer air” by many cooks around the world.

Specifications Philips air fryer Air fryer:

Model: HD-9220

Colors: White, as well as Black

Voltage 210V, 52Hz

Power grill: 1410W

Capacity 2,25L

Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 286 x 316x 382mm.

Weight equipment: 7,50kg.

The device is also designed with the special buttons so as to adjust baking time and capacity

Rapid Air Technology is copyrighted

Capacity: 800g

The product is made of the material plastic, which is extremely safe during the process of grilling the food.

Foot-slip and fixed data helps cooker pot

Handles good insulation, not hot to the touch

The bell system for providing the urgent notice, especially when the device starts to run or stop off its operation.

There are lights installed for making sure that the users can be easy to see the food at the time it is cook.

Filter removes odors

Boiler-stick removable

There fried grease tray separately, with sieve

Origin: Brand Netherlands, China outsourcing

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