Which Is The Best Type Of Air Fryer On The Market?

Certainly, the process of grilling can be the biggest challenge of the housewife because oil or grease is often flown out on the stove, as well as surrounding materials. And it creates a lot of air stream in the baking process, and especially baking odors generated primarily for all individuals to consider.

As a result, how to update the air fryer review, particularly the Philips air fryer review, a well- known air fryer trademark on the market now is really meaningful with all the consumers.

The Brief Introduction About The HD- 9220 Air Fryer

Air fryer Philip HD 9220 is designed with two colors including blue and white. More specially, the air fryer can well operate without the oi requirement so it is really favorable choice for people to protect their health.

Usability And User Efficiency Of Philips HD9220 Fryer Without Oil:

Air fryer Philips HD-9220 is very good at helping you fry, and bake the special dishes fragrantly and deliciously. With the special fried or grilled features, the device can be able to keep the favor along with the great amount of nutrition in the food.

The secret  for the device’s operation is to take the fat from fried foods in order to grill it through the convection cooling fan in order to put spread panoramic slipped it in the pot, cooked food help without becoming or islands.

The Outstanding Characters Of The Air Fryer

Philips HD9220 air fryer is designed with the diving drawers stop which is mainly to help you bake or fry more food at the one time, or different types of food. Besides, the device also has installed with the time setting button for automatically switching of when the machine is completing its grilling task.

Finishing the baking process based on the flexible appointment time which is maximum at appropriately 30 minutes, so it is very easily adjustable. The bell system is also installed with the device for providing the urgent signals when the machine starts to run or complete its cooking task.

There is no need for the cook to directly sit next to the device for waiting the well- done food. Innovative design is really impressive; especially the handling is very cool when touching which is structured with the two main colors including black and white.

Why Is The HD 9220 So Attractive?

It is the technology which makes a difference between the “Philips air fryers” with other brands. With Rapid Air technology achievement, the product permits you to fry the most delicious types of food with less fat than 80% compared with conventional fryer air fryer.

In addition, with the great support of the Rapid Air technology, the device also creates less smell than conventional fryer, but still ensures crispness and the food delicious, the “fryer air” by many cooks around the world.

Specifications Philips air fryer Air fryer:

Model: HD-9220

Colors: White, as well as Black

Voltage 210V, 52Hz

Power grill: 1410W

Capacity 2,25L

Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 286 x 316x 382mm.

Weight equipment: 7,50kg.

The device is also designed with the special buttons so as to adjust baking time and capacity

Rapid Air Technology is copyrighted

Capacity: 800g

The product is made of the material plastic, which is extremely safe during the process of grilling the food.

Foot-slip and fixed data helps cooker pot

Handles good insulation, not hot to the touch

The bell system for providing the urgent notice, especially when the device starts to run or stop off its operation.

There are lights installed for making sure that the users can be easy to see the food at the time it is cook.

Filter removes odors

Boiler-stick removable

There fried grease tray separately, with sieve

Origin: Brand Netherlands, China outsourcing

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11 Most Outstanding Ideas For Kitchen Tools

Do you feel irritated when you often have to arrange the kitchen tools after cooking? Of course, this is very irritating and boring. However, if you know the way to create more stimulation and inspiration for yourselves, you will work more effectively in your kitchen.

There are a lot of ideas for the kitchen that you can consult in. In this article, I will introduce to you 11 most outstanding ideas for this.

Make Some Rattan Baskets To Store Tools  

Rattan is one of the best materials for making baskets in the kitchen. You know, rattan is a material coming from nature so it is safe for you. You can buy or make some rattan baskets for storing metal and wooden tools and even some food like potatoes or fruits. Rattan baskets will help to remove all the water for the tools after washing.

Make A Board With Hangers For Knives

In your kitchen, you may have some types of knives and it is advisable to put all the knives in one corner so that you can find and get them easily. You had better make a board with hangers to hang the knives. You know, each knife has one hole so that you can let the wires through to hang it.

Have A Wooden Cabinet For All The Bulky Tools

Some tools for your kitchen are bulky and heavy. You had better not hang them or put them in a basket on the grounds that the basket cannot stand such weight. You had better buy them a large wooden cabinet.

Take Advantage Of Plastic Bottles

You can take advantage of plastic water bottles in order to make some jars or bottles to store chopsticks and spoons. That will be very interesting and you will also save a lot of money.

Sew Some Cloth Apron

When cooking, you had better wear apron in order to avoid the oil splashes and the smell of the food cooked. Sometimes, you do not need to buy new apron. You can reuse your old clothes to sew them an apron for the kitchen.

Buy A Metal Shelf For Jars And Bottles

Metal shelf for jars and bottles of additives and sauces is of the most suitability. There is no need to buy a large shelf. You only need a small shelf placed on the kitchen table. I am sure that you will get the jars and bottles very conveniently while seeking the jars of additives takes time and is irritating.

Use Unused Cloth To Make Washing Towels

You know that we will need some towels to wash the dishes and pots after washing. We will have to buy the soft towels to wash. However, if we have old clothes and we no longer use them, we can reuse them and make some soft towels for washing.

Have Some Tiny Dishes For Containing Desserts

Cooking is a kind of art work. Sometimes, the food you cook can be very attractive but people do not want to eat. However, in some cases, the food you make is very simple but you display them on tiny and cute dishes and this will attract other people a lot.

Use Cute Lamps For The Kitchen

In the kitchen, you had better provide enough lights when you cook and wash the dishes. You can use some cute lamps in the kitchen table. The lamps are useful and also beautiful for decorating the room.

Have Some Large Hard Paper To Plate The Dining Table

You know that the food after being cooked is really hot even though you pour them into dishes and bowls. The high temperature can destroy the glass layer of the dining table. Therefore, you can have some hard paper to plate under the bowls and dishes of hot food.

Grow Trees On Some Shelves

Growing some small trees in the kitchen helps to refresh the air and also makes your kitchen more beautiful.

Bottom Line

These ideas are all creative and very simple to follow. You know, you can think of more outstanding ideas when you focus on arranging the tools and decorating your kitchen. I hope that the ideas above will be useful for you.

What Tools Will You Need For Your Kitchen?

In a kitchen, it is the best to classify all the tools so that you will be able to arrange them as well as get them to use more easily. In fact, when you buy kitchen tools, you often feel confused and you often miss some tools, right? Don’t worry. That is a very common matter of almost all housewives.

In this article, I will tell you the way to choose the tools for your kitchen wisely. The tips above will bring you more valuable details.

How To Classify Kitchen Tools?

It is very simple! We can classify kitchen tools as per their functions. We ought to categorize the tools that are used for the same purposes. For example, we have kitchen tools for cooking, tools for cake – making, tools for slicing, cutting and grinding and so on.

It is very simple to classify these tools. After classifying, you had better make a checklist in order to check whether you buy enough tools or not. I feel certain that you will make that list very quickly.

Types Of Kitchen Tools

In this part, I will introduce to you the kitchen tools classified. You can consider our classification or have your own one. These are the tools arranged in different categories.

Cooing Tools

I feel certain that almost all the tools in the kitchen belong to cooking tools. It’s clear on the grounds that cooking is the main activity there. In cooking, you will need a lot of tools. Here, I can introduce to you some.

Spatula for frying and flipping the food on the pan

Spoon to get the food and soup

Mixing bowls for putting all the food together and mixing

Prep bowls for containing pepper and some other kinds of additives

Tongs to hold the food, especially marinated meat

Vegetable peeler to remove the peel of the vegetable such as potatoes

Box grater to crate small rays of potatoes and carrots

Balloon whisks to whisk the eggs and to mix some fluids

And so on

Cake – Making Tools

For making cake, we need special tools as bellows.

Cake rings to shape the cakes, especially birthday cakes

Mini grater to create rays of chocolate and some hard cream

Bread knife to cut the breads used to make the cake

Spatulas for getting the cakes

Pizza lifter for making pizza only

Silicon spatulas and brash for getting and shaping the flour after mixing without leaving any sticky flour

Slicing And Chopping Tools

For slicing, you will need types of knives. You know, there will have a heap of knives in the market and you will have to pick up some of them. Do not buy all the types on the grounds that you will not use all of them.

You only need a knife for slicing fruits, a knife for cutting vegetables, a knife for slicing meat and a knife for chopping. That’s enough. With these knives, you will be able to carry out other tasks in cooking.

Grinding Tools

For grinding, you will need a grinder. If you often create dishes requiring grinded meat and vegetable. You will need a handy meat grinder which is cheap and can still meet your demands. Or you can have an electric meat grinder that can automatically grind the meat for you.

These are some types of tools for your kitchen. Remember that all the tools should be chosen carefully.

Notes For Buying

When it comes to buying these tools, you will have to understand some notes bellows.

Try to test the tools before buying

Ordering tools online is sometimes dissatisfactory

The tools’ safety should be ensured by the brands

Divide the expenses for each tool wisely

Pick the same products lines or tools of different designs

Remember to buy baskets to store those tools

These are some notes for you when it comes to buying tools for kitchen. Don’t be hurried. You had better have a careful check after picking.

Bottom Line

These are some simple tips and tricks that you can follow when you have to choose kitchen tools. I hope that you will find them al useful. You will surely find out more notes in our next articles.

Have The Best Way To Keep Kitchen Tools Durable

In our kitchen, we have to care for a lot of tasks such as cooking, cleaning and maintaining kitchen tools. You know, there are a number of tools used every day and you will have to take responsibility for keeping the tools durable and clean all the time.

Many people often complain about the tools that are not durable enough for using. In fact, almost all of them do not have a proper way to maintain the tools. In this article, I will tell you some tips and tricks to keep kitchen tools clean all the time and how to keep them durable.

Prepare Necessary Materials For Cleaning

It is clear that after using kitchen tools, especially tools for cooking, we have to clean all of them. Washing them with only water will still make oil layers remain. Therefore, you had better prepare some washing gels and some natural materials to wash kitchen tools.

Dish – Washing Gel

A lot of people are still afraid of using dish – washing gel on the grounds that they think the gel will remain after washing and it will be mixed with the food when you process and cook.

It cannot be denied that washing dishes with gel is somewhat toxic but for some gel nowadays, the toxin is reduced and you will be able to remove all the chemical atoms if you rewash all the dishes carefully.

You can choose some types of dish washing gels. You cannot wash dishes with oil with only water because the dishes will not be clean. Besides, if you want to boil water to replace gel, the oil smell will still remain and it takes a lot of time.


Lemon is the rarely natural fruit that is used to clean dishes in the kitchen. You know, lemon contains a large amount of acid which can be used to remove all the stain and smell on the dishes.

Sometimes, you can use lemons to clean the dishes and erase the dirty on the dishes. You will see good results after using lemons, surely. However, you do not need to use it every day. You can use the lemons to clean dishes and fridge in your kitchen once a week. That’s enough.

Soft Towels

When it comes to washing kitchen tools, you had better use soft towels. In particular, when you use dish washing gel, you will have to use the towels and some water to make foam to wash. Accessing the washing gel with your bare hands will cause some allergies or be harmful to your hands.

Do not use hard towels as they will destroy the texture of the dishes and tools, especially wooden and metal tools.

Notes When Washing Kitchen Tools

When it comes to washing kitchen tools, you had better remember some notes bellows.

Do not wash tools with high temperature right away (tools for cooking)

Sink the tools for some minutes before washing to remove all the food debris

Do not use metal towel to wash kitchen tools

Avoid using a large amount of washing gels for washing kitchen tools

Use hot water for wooden and metal tools

Arrange all the tools in the sink carefully to avoid wounds (with the knives)

Never wash the chops with dish washing gels

Bottom Line

These are the simplest tips and tricks that you should know to prolong the durability of the kitchen tools. I hope that you will be aware of the importance of keeping the tools durable. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Ways To Choose The Best Tools For Your Kitchen

It cannot be denied that kitchen is where the most delicious dishes come from. All the fresh food has to be passed to different processes before coming to the dining table. To build a perfect kitchen, you should understand what tools are necessary and why you need these tools.

You should be aware of your family’s demands in order to prepare for a new change to your kitchen. I know that you will feel eager but very worried about this. In this article, I will give you more tips and tricks to choose right tools.

Kitchen Tools In General

In general, kitchen tool varies and you will have to take all of them into consideration in order to choose some of all. Your kitchen should be equipped with all the tools which are used for every activity in your kitchen.

You need spoons, knives, chops, vegetable peeler, micro – plane grater, box grater, garlic press, juicer, digital timer potato masher, pastry, scraper, instant read, thermometer, mixing bowls, pepper bowls, fine strainer, colander, balloon whisk, silicon spatulas, tongs, ladle, slotted spoon, metal spoon, and so on. You will need to consider all these tools or more.

Classify Kitchen Tools

As there are so many tools that you will feel very angry if choosing them takes too much time. Therefore, for quicker selection, you had better classify all of them. In other words, you need to know all the activities in the kitchen that need kitchen tools and how many tools you need for each activity.

This is classifying all the tools. You will find it easier when choosing to buy them.

Have A Checklist Before Buying

After classifying, you had better have a checklist for each category. As said above, you have to classify all the tools. It means that you will have to write down all the tools under the name of the group they belong to.

When choosing, you only need to check as per the groups classified. This will be quicker than checking a long list of all the kitchen tools.

Choose Good Brands And Product Lines

In terms of choosing kitchen tools, you will have to look for some really good brands. You also know that we will use the tools for years so the brands should be famous and reliable so that the products are durable.

A lot of people want to reduce expenses on kitchen tools so they try to look for cheap products. In fact, choosing cheap tools means that you will receive lower quality of the product.

Therefore, you had better be willing to pay for good products of prestigious brands. You will never have to worry about the quality or the durability of the product. Don’t worry. You will have some small discount if you hunt its large discount campaign.

Consider All The Services

In terms of buying kitchen tools from brands, you need to consider all the services aftersales. Some tools should be warranted for a long time in order to ensure the durability and the ability of the tools. Hence, you need to ask about the services for all the tools you buy.

Don’t Forget About Delivery Terms

If you buy many tools, it will be very heavy for you. You ought to ask about delivery terms. For some brands, they will ship all the tools free of charge.

Bottom Line

These tips and tricks are all necessary when you try to look for good kitchen tools. I hope that you will be always wise in selecting tools for your kitchen room. If you have any difficulty, you can contact us anytime.

All Things You Need To Know About Kitchen Tools

If you have your own kitchen and you often cook here, you will need to buy a lot of kitchen tools and you will have to keep them all durable at all times. In fact, there are many tasks to carry out but with simple tips and tricks, you will find it much easier. In this article, I will tell you all the things related to kitchen tools you need to know.

Features Of Kitchen Tools’ Materials

You should understand the features of the tools’ materials in order to figure out the right ways to clean and store these tools. Different materials require different ways to clean and wash. Here are some more tips for you.

For Wooden Tools

You know wood is natural material and it is used to make a wide variety of kitchen tools. You know, wooden material, in fact, absorbs water when you accidentally or incidentally sink it into water for too long.

From this point, you should not sink wooden materials in water which contains washing gels in order to avoid the intrusion of chemical substances. If you let the gel atom get into the material, the atom will be dissolved in the food when you use it (for example, using wooden spoon to marinate the food).

For Metal Tools

For metal material, you can wash them it with washing gel as long as you rewash it with clean water until the smell of washing gel is removed. For metal tools, you had better wash them as soon as you use and dry them as quickly as possible in order to unwanted erosion.

Be Careful When Using

When using kitchen tools, you will have to be careful all the time. For different tools, you should pay attention to the temperature and all the factors that may affect the tools’ quality and durability. Here are more details for you.

For Using Types Of Knives

You know, knives are very sharp so when you use them, you have to hold the handle flexibly. Don’t keep them too tight as this will cause more difficulty in slicing.

For Using Types Of Spoons

Using spoons is very simple but when you use the deep spoon to get the soup on the pot, you need to pay attention to it so that the soup does not splash out.

For Using Tools For Processing Fresh Food

For using some tools to process fresh food like chopping knives or some trays, you have to keep them clean all the time. You should also limit wash them with too much washing gel.

Bottom Line

These are tips and tricks you should know if you want to take care of your kitchen well. A lot of people are lazy to wash and clean their kitchen tools and the result is that their tools are worn out quickly. If you want to avoid this situation, remember to follow the tips above and tips in our next posts.